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Vinyl - Member Access

Prices listed are MSRP, and much higher than I sell them for in the store. However, I'm required by the manufacturer to post MSRP prices on my website.  If you want access to the lowest price, contact me or create an account. 

Becoming a member (creating an account) allows access to a promo code to use at checkout.  It also gives you access to complete Vinyl Cloth catalogs which show sizing, pricing, and all color options (names) for each design.  (Makes shopping the vinyl SO much easier!)  As a bonus, members get 4 free swatches. Use code FREE4 at checkout.

Creating an account DOES NOT sign you up for ANY emails or marketing materials. And no credit card information is required.  It simply gives you access to lowest prices, complete catalogs, and 4 fee swatches.  I promise!

Questions? Concerns?  I'm here for ya! Daren.  dl@pvhd.biz

Create an account here: 


Unlocks access to detailed catalogs, coupon codes for best vinyl prices, and 4 free swatches.