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The Lamps

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Maison Berger is a Parisian air purifying system invented in 1898.  The lamps, with their fragrant array of scents, is a sophisticated and elegant method for eliminating any undesirable odors emitted by pets, smoke, cooking, paints, dampness, and more. Rather than using candles or sprays that just mask the odor, Maison Berger truly zaps the molecules out of the air! 

 "I stopped in to purchase a lamp with the hope that it would help eliminate the smell from paint fumes that was lingering in my apartment. It was a success! I used the candle in each room for a little longer than the recommend 20 minutes, but by the afternoon the apartment smelled nice, and our dinner guests told us they didn't notice any lingering fumes." ~Jessica, MA

In 1898, in response to deal with disinfection in hospitals at that time, Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis, on which he filed a patent.  This revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in closed rooms, and to which he had the inspired idea of adding fragrance, was soon to be applied for use in the home, giving rise to the Maison Berger company.  Thanks to the exclusive patented burner, the lampe purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed systems like no other system.  Indeed, this diffusion by catalysis truly destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells.  In this way, perfuming is fast, consistent and long-lasting in a room even when in large volume.